Preliminary nanoreference values

This document contains the agreed preliminary nanoreference values (NRV) applicable to the four classes of ‘engineered nanoparticles (ENP’s)’. The NRV’s are meant only to serve as pragmatic guidance values and do not guarantee that exposures lower than the NRV are safe.

It is recommended to take precautionary measures, within applicable reason, even when the nano reference values (NRV) are met. Within reason means that the measures are technically, organizationally and financially feasible. Also, it is important to keep exposure to small-sized particles as low and as short as possible.  

In case the NRVs are not met, it is recommended to take all measures that are technically and organizationally possible in order to reduce exposure levels below the NRV.  

Alternatively, the air can be analysed with respect to synthetic nanomaterials and process-generated nanoparticles (PGNP’s). It is strongly recommended to reduce exposure by all measures, which are technically and organizationally possible, if the concentration of nanomaterials in the air is above the NRV. Additionally, it is advised to take measures to reduce exposure even if the concentration is below the NRV.